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More Efficient,
Less Consumption

The Amaze Heater are 120-Volt wall mounted panel heaters which are slim, economical to use and work based on the principle of convective heat transfer.

The Amaze-heaters do not have built-in fan; therefore, there is no noise and no stirred-up dust; this eliminates airborne dust problems and it is ideal for people suffering from asthma or allergies. It can be painted to match any decor with latex paint. These units are perfect not only to provide supplemental heat, but also to warm up any cold spots in the house.

​The Amaze Heater line offers 100W, 250W, 400W & 600W options to heat the right space; Along with various accessories such as the EZ mount, Heat Guard and Plug-in thermostat.

Here Is How It Works!

​​The Amaze Heater panels are mounted 1 inch away from the wall to create a convection channel using the hardware provided and require a simple do-it-yourself installation.

​Based on the principle of heat convection, the hot air rises and gets displaced by cooler air creating convective air currents within the room that gradually move warmer air to achieve a uniform ambient temperature.

convection amaze
  1. The air between the panel and the wall is heated as a result of natural convection.

  2. The warm air rises and fills the room with a comfortable temperature.

  3. The cool air moves closer to the floor and gets redistributed through the heater and back into the room.

Amaze Heater Models

Amaze Heater Compatible Thermostats

Amaze Heater Compatible Thermostats

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Energy Efficient

Amaze Heater offers one of the most efficient and eco friendly options for home heating.

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Quiet Operation

Amaze Heaters are 100% quiet and do not use a fan to heat the room.


Wide Selection

We offer a wide range of high-quality panel heaters and accessories for just about any space!

Easy Installation

No professional help is needed, Amaze heaters are an easy do-it-yourself installation.

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