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The Spacio Elastic Toilet Gasket is the perfect choice for convenient and hassle-free toilet installation. Its wax-less design and ability to be repositioned and compressed without losing its shape make it the ideal gasket for long-lasting, leak-proof performance. Plus, its flexibility and sticky nature ensure a tight seal that won’t budge, even with multiple toilet setting attempts.

Gasket Comparison

How to Install Toilet Gasket

  • Remains resilient and flexible. Can be re-positioned and compressed up to 50%.

  • Allows movement without leaking. It will not break or become brittle.​

  • Great high and low-temperature resistance
    (-4 to 140 F) or (-20 to 60 C).

  • Anti- Microbial, prevents bacteria growth.

  • The high adhesion ensures a tight seal.

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