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400w heater display
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Heat Up, 

With Style.

Wexstar heaters generate infrared rays that provide comforting warmth using the same principle as the sun. Wexstar strives to provide the highest heating performance with the lowest possible energy consumption.

The Future in Heating

Wexstar Infrared panel heaters are economical to use and an environmentally responsible alternative to high consumption heaters.


The Infrared heat is distributed uniformly across the room and absorbed by objects and walls. Perfect for residential, commercial, or industrial applications.

All Wexstar Heaters are compliant with US & Canada Certification | cTUVus Mark (CU-Certificate) Approved for the North American Market

Classic White Framed Heater Collection

Classic Black 
Framed Heater Collection

Frameless Heater Collection

All Accessories


Fabulous heater! Performed as advertised. Company very helpful and timely response with my questions about hanging the unit on a vaulted ceiling... I am delighted with the unit and I hope to put these heating panels in the house that I am planning on building.


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