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Top Seat


TopSeat toilet seats offer the best in comfort and style. Our range of molded wood toilet seats comes in round and elongated shapes. We feature models that include realistic 3D lenticular lens imaging with High Definition images. Our 2 in 1 model are perfect for adults and kids, while our accurate bamboo toilet seat models add a touch of natural elegance to any bathroom. Selected models are available with the slow-close mechanism. All TopSeat models feature an extremely smooth, high-gloss, multi-layer coating finish and chromed metal hinges for years of reliable use.

All TopSeat models:

  • Come in either Round or Elongated.

  • Include a 1-year warranty.

  • Include Chrome Metal Hinges

  • Built with safe & eco-friendly materials

Frameless Collection


The innovative TinyHiney Potty seat can be used by the whole family, designed for both children and adults. The seat for the toddlers is stable without pulling off, giving child users added confidence, knowing it is absolutely safe and secure.

Frameless Collection

Real Bamboo

Our natural bamboo wood seats have a beautiful wood grain and impeccably smooth finish. The hinges are a non-tarnish elegant brushed nickel adding to this classy style. We are proud of our craftsmanship for the perfection of bamboo toilet seats, and we translate such craftsmanship into value for our customers.​​ Available in elongated and round, as well as regular and slow closing mechanisms.

Frameless Collection

HD Vario Scenario Tree Seasons

The HD Vario Scenario Tree Seasons Toilet Seat is an innovative design that brings a touch of nature to your bathroom. The seat features changing 3D high-definition images of trees in each of the four seasons, applied to the top using a technology called lenticular printing. It is both durable and washable. The rest of the seat is hand sanded, providing an ultra-smooth surface, while the lid and ring are coated with a superior quality white glossy paint finish.

Frameless Collection

3D High Definition Toilet Seats

Our 3D High Definition Toilet Seats feature multiple perspectives 3D lenticular lens images that change with side-by-side eye movement, utilizing advance 3D Hologram printing technology. The durable molded wood construction and flawless high gloss finish provide a luxurious touch to any bathroom, while the chromed metal hinges perfectly complement existing hardware. Enjoy a unique and mesmerizing experience with our 3D High Definition Toilet Seats.

All TopSeat Models

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