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The Heat Guard is an accessory for the Amaze Heater 400SS & 600SS models. It gives the Amaze Heater additional benefits: Safe to touch and provides extra safety for children and pets by lowering exposed surface temperature. Heat Guard provides double convection and therefore increases the efficiency of heat distribution. It can be decorated or painted due to lower surface temperature, the Heat Guard can be painted to match the decor or decorated with stickers.


  • High efficiency by creating a double convection channel
  • Safe to touch, provides extra safety for children and pets by lowering the panel's exposed surface temperature.
  • Can be custom decorated with stickers, sport team logos, or art

400HG is for the 400SS - 400 Watts Amaze Heater
600HG is for the 600SS - 600 Watts Amaze Heater

*Heat guard purchase does not include Heater

Amaze Heater Heat Guard Accessory

  • Size L/H/W (inches)
    600HG - 22.85 x 20.75 x 0.20 inch es
    400HG - 20.8 x 20.8 x 0.2 inches

    Weight​ (lbs) 
    600HG - 7.3 lbs
    400HG - 4.8



    Wall mounting Kit included

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