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Secure your outboard motor and protect it from theft with the Kovix Outboard Boat lock.

This clever lock encloses the clamp bolts with a robust stainless-steel body to prevent a thief from unscrewing them and stealing the motor.

Features & Benefits:

• Quality stainless steel for strength & durability
• Suitable for most brands of outboard motors up to 25hp
• Simple and easy to use
• Maximum security and smart looking

Kovix Outboard Boat Lock

  • Size (Inches)
    11.2 × 6.1 cm

    Weight (lbs)
    1.5 lbs / 0.7 kg

    Outboard Boat Lock
    Set of 3 keys
    1 key number tag with the serial number, Keep this key number safe, you will need to re-order keys from us if you lose your keys.

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